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About Tiki King


Tiki King has been carving Tiki's as long as he can remember. In 1992 he started a mail order catalogue selling his products. He had yearly home Luaus at his Tiki Bar beginning in 1994 for which he sculpted his own event Tiki Mugs. He also makes Ukuleles and ran a store called Ukuleles of Felton in Santa Cruz for 8 years. He recently relocated and is currently busy making all kinds of neat stuff.


Tiki King does a weekly live stream show called "Cocktales with Tiki King" on which he makes and drinks cocktails and discusses various topics. See Tiki King's Booze page for more information on the live stream.


Hand Made Products


Everything available on this site are art pieces hand made and assembled by Tiki King.






Photo from Ukuleles Of Felton