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The Tiki King


Tiki King is a self taught artist who has been producing art privately as long as he can remember.

In 1992 he started a mail order catalogue selling his Tiki products. He had yearly home Luaus at his Tiki Bar beginning in 1994 for which he sculpted his own event Tiki Mugs.

He has sold paintings, original Tiki Art carvings and jewelry, both original and reproductions world wide. His work has also received mention and / or critical acclaim in several National and International Magazines, including Shape, Barracuda, Surfer Girl, Porthole Cruise ship Magazine, Tattoo Burst, and The Tiki News.

He has so far done nine very successfully designs for a leading American Ukulele company, "The Magic Fluke, LLC". some of his original Ukulele art designs can be seen in "The visual history of the Ukulele", as well as "Tiki Art Now!" and two of his Ukuleles were on display at the NAMM Museum of Making Music as examples of art and modern luthiery.

Tiki King is also a Musician, and has released three solo CD's, one with the band "The Idol Pleasures" and is currently the bass drummer for the Wicked Tinkers.
He owned a store called Ukuleles of Felton in Santa Cruz for 8 years. He recently relocated and is currently busy making all kinds of neat stuff.
Tiki King does a bi-monthly live stream show called "Cocktales with Tiki King" on which he makes and drinks cocktails and discusses various topics. See Tiki King's Booze page for more information on the live stream.



More information about Tiki King is available on Wikipedia.

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