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The Black Pearl, A fictional ship from Disneys “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, was originally called the Wicked Wench. She was Captained by Jack Sparrow for many years until she was set on fire and sunk by Cutler Beckett, with Jack onboard. But, while dying, Sparrow called upon Davy Jones, and struck a bargain with him: his soul and one hundred years service aboard the Flying Dutchman, in return for a continued human existence of thirteen years as captain, plus saving the Wicked Wench and transforming her into the fastest, most dangerous pirate ship on the seven seas. Jones agreed, and raised the ship from the sea floor, now a charred vessel with an angel figurehead. This Banjo Uke was inspired by the Black Pearl. The back of the resonator features the jolly roger that was flown by Barbossa while he had the pearl. finished in charred black with charcoal, pearl and Ivory colored accents. 18 fret tenor scale, 10 1/2 inch birch and poplar resonator,  14-1 exposed geared tuners, and even a “piece of eight”. (Please select Ukulele or Banjo Uke shipping). THIS ITEM HAS SOLD. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SIMILAR ITEM OR A CUSTOM MADE BANJO UKULELE PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE. TIKI KING CAN MAKE SIMILAR ITEMS BY HAND.

Black Pearl Banjo Uke by Tiki King

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